"I really enjoy your classes. Good tai chi instructors are relatively rare; there are many instructors that know and teach the basic movements but lack understanding of the inner structure and more subtle aspects of the art (of which you are adept). I may be a beginner at tai chi but I have at least been doing martial arts long enough to be able to have some sense of when someone does know what they are doing. I also like that you are humble. There are others with your level of experience and skill (or that at least think they have your experience/skill) that are self-proclaimed "masters" of questionable lineage who claim dubious "black-sash" rankings, so the lack of that sort of thing is refreshing."

Chris Z.

"Although it's been a short time, I really enjoy the easy and natural flow of the class and the small class size.  You are great at breaking the sets down into easily managable segments.  I have found myself looking forward the the quiet of the Sunday moring sessions!  I also like how you connect the marial arts application to each movement.  See you next week!    "
Wendy Walsh

“I just celebrated my 58th birthday, and have been practicing Tai Chi with Jim Williams for almost three years, now.  I am not a natural athlete or a physical fitness enthusiast by any measure.  Tai Chi is a perfect fit for me, and the way Jim teaches it makes him the perfect instructor.  This is low key, low pressure class, with no obligations or contracts.  It is strictly pay as you go.   Even with my low level of practice, I have seen dramatic improvement in balance, flexibility and ease of movement.  There is a grace to Tai Chi that spills over into every aspect of life.  Also, Jim incorporates the martial arts aspects into the practice, so you can humor your Jet Lee fantasies.”

Henry Moore, Attorney

"I didn’t know much about tai chi before I began with Jim.  The class was at a convenient time and location, so I decided to give it a try.  Luckily, it turned out to be just what I wanted and needed.  Jim Williams is a very patient and dedicated teacher – and  very skilled at tai chi.  It’s really a pleasure to try to model your movements to his because he is so balanced, graceful and light on his feet.   Occasionally  Jim will give a mini-lecture on the philosophy, tenets, or martial arts functions of tai chi, but mainly he teaches by example and students learn by doing.  There is no pressure to perform.  Jim can lead and integrate students at different levels and abilities so all have a positive learning experience.  No matter my physical or mental state before I go to class, it is always improved by the class."  

"I have been a student of Jim Williams for about a year now. He teaches me and others at the Mary Lee Foundation, which is a brain injury rehabilitation facility. It's amazing for him to teach the practice of Tai Chi to us regardless of our disabilities. He is man with great Patience and understanding. He has introduced me and others to the art of Tai Chi and opened a whole new window for me. Attending Jim's class has definitely made me grow more spiritually as a person."

Jacob Williams                                                       

James is an excellent and patient teacher; his instruction method clarifies correct form, and he adds insight to the history of tai chi as both exercise, martial art, and meditation.
from, M ike "Sully" Sullivan